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Two Boroughs Radio (known on air as 2BR) is a commercial radio station in East Lancashire. It broadcased from studios in the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate in Nelson, then in August 2010 2BR moved to Accrington based ‘The Studios‘ with Sister Station 107 The Bee.

Why Advertise on 2BR FM

Advertising on 2BR FM means you can reach more listeners each week and have a bigger market share in our area than any other radio station, national or local.

Targeting 25 – 54 year olds. .

Over 13 weeks 53% of listeners are ABC1.

2BR is the number one radio station in East Lancashire, reaching 52,300 listeners every week or 28% of them every week.  That means that nearly a third of all adults in our listening area tune in each week!  Over 13 weeks, which is the typical length of an ad campaign that becomes 101,000 or 53%.

2BR’s format is designed to appeal to a broad audience and the listening figures show that this works! We are focused on being familiar, family orientated, entertaining and getting involved in a huge number of community events right across our transmission area. 2BR has a long-term, loyal audience with 452,000 listening hours weekly, an average of over 8.6 per week, per listener.

For radio advertising that reaches the biggest audience there is simply no competition. In terms of reaching the maximum number of people for your money we cannot be beaten.

Source for all figures quoted: RAJAR 2BR Quarter 1 ended June 2011

For more information regarding advertising on 2BR FM, call us now on; 0208 003 2949