Radio Airtime Media Airs Australian Relocation Ads for New Visa Bureau Campaign in Edinburgh

A new advertising campaign on Edinburgh’s Forth 1 radio station has launched in anticipation of a seminar hosted by Visa Bureau at the city’s Scotsman Hotel. Coordinated by Radio Airtime Media, the radio advertising campaign ran throughout last week to promote the upcoming event and encourage those dreaming of starting a new life in Australia to visit the relocation seminar on 26 September.

Visa Bureau

Advertising on Edinburgh’s number one local radio station, Forth 1, has provided Visa Bureau with a high exposure campaign which strategically targets its key audience. The 30 second ads are both informative and entertaining and will have raised considerable interest in the seminar amongst the Scottish public. You can listen to the commercial below or follow this link to the Radio Airtime Media AudioBoom account.

The upcoming migration event will see Visa Bureau provide both help and advice to Scottish residents who have ambitions to relocate and start a new life Down Under. Professional advisers from the Victorian State Government, as well as experts on currency, bank services, pension transfers and migration cover will be speaking to attendees throughout the day.

Managing Director of Radio Airtime Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said:

“Radio Airtime Media is proud to be working alongside Visa Bureau, who are providing Scottish listeners with a fabulous opportunity to learn more about the process of relocating to Australia. The ads sound fantastic and I’m sure we’ll have raised interest considerably in the upcoming migration seminar by airing them on Forth 1 radio last week.”