Radio Advertising in the North West

North West radio advertising would benefit your brand as North West England has an estimated population of over 7 million, the third most populated region after London and the South East of England. The North West comprises five ceremonial counties of England:  Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, and Cheshire.

Why advertise in the North West


North West England’s population accounts for just over 13% of England’s overall population. 37.86% of the North West’s population resides in Greater Manchester, 21.39% in Lancashire, 20.30% in Merseyside, 14.76% in Cheshire and 7.41% live in the largest county geographically, Cumbria. The five largest metropolitan areas in the North West are Manchester metropolitan area, Liverpool / Birkenhead metropolitan area, Blackburn / Burnley, Preston and Blackpool. The radio stations you can advertise with are; Absolute Radio, Greatest Hits Radio, Capital FM, as well as many others.

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