Radio Airtime Media and HGS Advertise on North West Station Rock FM

Radio Airtime Media has launched a new locally-targeted radio advertising campaign with Hinduja Global Solutions, in a bid to promote the current employment opportunities available at its award-winning contact centre in Preston, Lancashire. Having launched on Monday 16 March, 30-second radio advertisements are currently being aired on independent local radio station, Rock FM.

The informative advertisements are aimed at those in North West England who have a passion for customer service, showcasing the vacant manager and agent roles available at Hinduja Global Solutions – or HGS – for those in the region looking to move on to new employment or a more fulfilling career. The securing of airtime on Rock FM will prove to be a big boost for HGS, with the Bauer-owned contemporary hit station consistently the number one-rated commercial radio station in its target service area by reach, share and hours. Advertising on local radio in the North West will give HGS access to the UK’s third most-populated region, with the campaign able to target those who will have interest in the vacancies due to their geographical location.

HGS is a worldwide leader in optimising customer experience and helping clients to become more competitive. They provide a full suite of business process management services, such as marketing and digital enablement services and consumer interaction services. Its Preston contact centre has been a big success since opening, being named Smart Training’s North West Employer of the Year for 2013.

Managing Director of Radio Airtime Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said: “On behalf of Radio Airtime Media, I’m pleased to announce this latest campaign with HGS as they advertise their available positions on North West radio station Rock FM. By securing the airtime on the region’s most-listened contemporary music station, I’ve got no doubt that the campaign will yield some positive results for HGS.