National Radio Advertising

There are over 320 independent, regional and national advertising radio stations in the UK targeting every range of audience demographic from wealthy executives, affluent prosperous individuals, flourishing families, educated urbanites, to council estate dwellers, struggling families and burdened people facing hardship.


National Radio stations offer advertisers and agencies the opportunity to target the whole of the UK in one bespoke advertising campaign from major cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester to small villages, market towns and ancient boroughs.
Radio Airtime Media can run advertising campaigns on any air wave from low budget £2,500 adverts to high cost campaigns tailored to any budget.

Why advertise on National Radio Stations

Radio Advertising is a great way to target an international audience as all ears listen out for updates during key sporting and festival events in the UK including the Royal Ascot race meeting, Chelsea flower show, and World Travel Market. Radio Advertisers have the opportunity to target important dates and events in the UK calendar to ensure the highest Opportunity To Hear.


With our specialist knowledge of national radio we can guide you through the process of radio advertising and anticipate your campaign needs accounting for listenership and reach, population, average hours that listeners tune into the radio station, market share within transmission areas, Opportunities To Hear and Impacts.

Why Advertise with us

With such a vast coverage across the UK, would you know which advertising radio station could talk to your target audience? RAM have strong connections with the largest Radio groups in the UK and Europe and can plan and buy your campaign utilizing both media owner information and also our own independent data.

Your radio advertising campaign could feature on the UK’s most popular commercial radio breakfast show or drive time feature; link your company to promotions and on air competitions, sponsor a feature or show on a station including Traffic and Travel, Weather, Weekend Events plus Seasonal Features. Radio Airtime Media can also arrange online and interactive advertising, including microsites, and android and smart phone apps in conjunction with your recommended station. The options are endless.


Radio Airtime Media can target your communications more effectively and connect with your current and potential audiences call 0208 003 2949 to speak to our specialist National Radio Advertising team.