Radio Advertising in Northern Ireland


Radio advertising in Northern Ireland is ripe with opportunity. Once the industrial powerhouse of Ireland, the region now relies heavily on tourism. It attracts visitors to Northern Ireland’s vibrant capital city Belfast; which bustles with stylish bars, pubs, bistros, hotels and historical attractions, and the picturesque countryside surrounding it.

 Advertising on Northern Irish Radio Stations

More recently, the economy has benefited from major investment by many large multinational corporations into the high tech industry. These large organisations are visited by government subsidies and the skilled workforce in Northern Ireland ,making it an ideal demographic to advertise to.

Northern Ireland’s six counties are Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone. Cities in the region are Armagh, Belfast, Londonderry, Lisburn and Newry.

Northern Ireland is the most sparsely populated country in the UK, but there are still over 10 commercial advertising radio stations in the region that you can advertise with. Each station targets specific audience demographics. Stations include, Citybeat, Seven FM, Downtown Radio, 97.4 Cool FM, and U105.


Advertising with Radio Airtime Media:

With such a vast coverage in this small region, would you know which station you should advertise with and if it could talk to your target audience?

With our specialist knowledge, Radio Airtime Media can guide you through the process and anticipate your campaign needs.

Radio Airtime Media can target your communications more effectively and connect with your current and potential audiences. 

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