Advertising with Amber Sound

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Two Boroughs Radio (known on air as 2BR) is a commercial radio station in East Lancashire. It broadcased from studios in the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate in Nelson, then in August 2010 2BR moved to Accrington based ‘The Studios’ with Sister Station 107 The Bee.

Why Advertise on Amber Sound

Amber Sound FM applied for the licence and in May 2008 were awarded one. On the first Saturday of October 2008 the station began broadcasting. The first ever song to be played on Amber Sound was “Easy” by Commodores.

The new station can be heard on 107.2FM in Amber Valley or online.

Listening audience has been independently measured at up to 24% of the 120,000 population


For more information regarding advertising on Amber Sound call us now on; 0208 003 2949