Advertising with Classic FM

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Classic FM is the largest national commercial radio station in the UK, reaching over six million people every week.

From inception, Classic FM’s groundbreaking vision was to build not simply a radio station, but a powerful brand in its own right.

The result is a multi-award winning, industry-leading radio offering and a successful record label, magazine, publishing arm, live concert division and interactive website, which simultaneously delight consumers and offer fully integrated media solutions to advertisers.

Classic FM can be heard on 100-102 FM, Digital Radio, digital TV and online throughout the UK.

Why Advertise on Classic FM


Classic FM’s core audience is 30+.

It attracts the largest upmarket audience in commercial radio: 69% of its audience are ABC1.

Classic FM’s fresh approach to music encourages new audiences to experience and enjoy the brand. Listeners are community focused and lifestyle conscious.  They are aged between 35 – 54 (the station is also growing younger audiences for classical music: listening hours amongst 15-44s are up 16% quarter on quarter) and are at a stage in their lives where they have time to indulge themselves.

Its reach should not be underestimated: three programmes on Classic FM have weekly audiences that are bigger than BBC Radio 3’s in its entirety.


Classic FM’s ethos is to provide audiences with a much-needed oasis on the UK radio dial – a tranquil, calm space where listeners can relax and unwind.

The station plays familiar classical music alongside less known pieces, all chosen to uplift or soothe: simply put, it’s the perfect antidote to life in the 21st century.

Classic FM’s passion is making classical music a part of everyone’s lives, regardless of age or background. Presenters are lauded for their knowledge and love of classical music and for their ability to make the genre truly accessible.

Mornings on Classic FM with John Suchet is the largest national commercial radio show in the UK. Every presenter, such as Myleene Klass , Alex James , Laurence Llewlyn-Bowen and Nicholas Owen, delivers engaging output that is welcoming, modern, intelligent and relevant.


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