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At six am on a cold, dark winter’s morning – January 22 1975 to be precise – when a new sound was launched to radio listeners living in East Central Scotland.  Now affectionately known as Forth Country, it was the sound of Radio Forth 194 and the voice of Richard Findlay, Radio Forth’s first Programme Controller, who spoke to an anticipating audience with the words “This, for the very first time is Radio Forth”. Radio Forth has undergone changes over the years, matching the needs of listeners and adapting to market conditions, but throughout has always remained a popular service with the audience it serves. Radio Forth has always remained in touch with the social and political changes that have occurred within its transmission area over the past 30 years and by so doing has remained on top of the game.


Why Advertise on Radio Forth One

Research shows that Radio Forth is a clear market leader, with a reach of 367,000 listeners every week. It has appeal for all ages, but has particular strength among the 15-44 year olds – the high spending family groups.  Radio Forth’s strength in audience terms extends beyond numbers – listeners are loyal too and tune in for longer.  Your message therefore is heard again and again during the day.



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