Advertising with Fuse FM

Call: 0208 003 2949 radio advertiisng - fuse fm logo

Fuse FM is a student radio station covering the campuses of the University of Manchester, England, UK, broadcasting all year round online via the station’s website from the University of Manchester’s Student’s Union.

Like most student radio stations, it is run entirely by volunteers, mainly from the students studying at the universities. Fuse FM went on air for the first time on February 15th 2001 at 6am, broadcasting on 106.2 FM as well as via internet streaming .



Why Advertise on Fuse FM

Fuse has grown into a multi-award-winning student radio station, boasting some of the best young talent in the country. Since 2003, Fuse FM has broadcast for four weeks in each academic semester (September to October and February to March), reaching an audience of thousands – it pays to have one of the largest student populations in the UK!

For more information regarding advertising on Fuse FM call us now on; 0208 003 2949