Advertising with Heartland FM

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Heartland FM is an independent community radio service based in Pitlochry in the centre of Scotland It currently provides 24-hours of broadcasting 7-days a week on 97.5 MHz, with the aim to entertain, educate, inform and encourage local participation. The service is staffed almost entirely by volunteers and is supported almost wholly by the local community.

As well as being a broadcaster, Heartland FM aims to be a community resource, giving new opportunities to those living and working in the area. With local people actively involved in every aspect of the service, Heartland FM is able to contribute to life at the heart of Scotland it is a tool for the community to use in the area’s interests.




Why Advertise on Heartland FM

Let over 69% of the radio listening audience in the area know about your business by advertising with us. Our high number of listeners (both on the radio and online) quick response times and low costs help to make us an effective, immediate and economical way to promote yourself and communicate all of your forthcoming events.

For more information regarding advertising on Heartland FM call us now on; 0208 003 2949