Advertising with Manx radio

Manx Radio is the national commercial radio station for the Isle of Man.


The station began broadcasting on 29 June 1964, almost ten years before commercial radio was licensed in the United Kingdom. The Isle of Man, having its own government and laws, was not subject to the rules prohibiting commercial broadcasting in the UK.


Manx Radio transmits from four sites around the Isle of Man. For technical reasons they each use a different frequency. Manx Radio is the National Public Service Broadcaster of the Isle of Man and occupies a very unusual position in broadcasting as it is publicly owned but only part funded by the public purse raising the remainder of its income commercially.


Why Advertise on Manx Radio

Manx of FM is one of 3 Radio stations broadcasting to the Isle of Man which was home to 80,058 people, of whom 26,218 resided in the island’s capital, Douglas. Most of the population was born in the British Isles, with 47.6% born in the Isle of Man, 37.2% born in England, 3.4% in Scotland, 2.1% in Northern Ireland, 2.1% in the Republic of Ireland, 1.2% in Wales and 0.3% born in the Channel Islands. The remaining 6.1% were born elsewhere in the world giving the isle of man a quite a diverse demographic with which to target.



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