Advertising with Peace FM

PeaceFM began as a series of three 4-week Restricted Service License broadcasts as a part of previous Peace Weeks. It proved so popular that an application for a 5 year licence was made to OFCOM, which was successful. Funding was raised to host the station and equip two new studios – a main broadcast studio, and a second to be used for programme preparation, but mostly for training and hands-on experience for young people in broadcasting, and all aspects of programme making.


The first new PeaceFM studio was officially opened by the then Home Secretary Alan Johnson MP in July 2009, and the station began broadcasting the following October. Run by a new company Peace Full Media set up under the auspices of Carisma, and with a frequency that covers most of Greater Manchester.


Why Advertise on Peace FM

Peace Fm is the Number One African and Caribbean radio station broadcasting in Manchester. It gives a voice to the views and feelings of local people through talk, debate, interviews and phone-in programes (which attracted, amongst others, Tony Blair, Hazel Blears, Rio Ferdinand, local MP Tony Lloyd and Police and Council officers).


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