Advertising with Radio Frequency

As a well established radio station of nearly 6 years experience, localised in Leeds and the surrounding West Yorkshire area, Radio Frequency began in 2006, with the aim of providing a platform and greatly beneficial exposure to a depth of young, musical talent that the city undoubtedly has, as well as to promote some of the strong music scene that makes Leeds such a unique exciting place in which to advertise place.


This has unquestionably been achieved with the means they have had available to them as 6 years down the line, Radio Frequency is a popular name amongst both a vibrant Leeds night life and student population, and a mainstay at community focused events in Leeds.


It has also helped nurture a host of young talent, some of whom are now gaining commercial success as Artists.

Why Advertise on Radio Frequency

An estimated forty million people in the UK listen to the radio and up to seven hours a day. Radio Frequency FM is currently enjoying a boom in listeners and currently boasts an average of 7,372 new unique listener hits (for January 2012) and an impressive 1,700,000 hits on both the station and website for the month ending January 31st 2012.


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