Advertising with Unity Radio

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Unity Radio’s primary audience is 15-25 and its secondary audience is 26-35. By championing the tastes and interests of their target audience and by reflecting popular trends and embracing musical cultures not currently served by radio in Greater Manchester Unity Radio aims to break from the norm.


Music selection represents the energy and diverse nature of their primary audience and the citythey broadcast to. They celebrate the musical heritage that has influenced youth and culture across the UK. The foundation of their sound is Big Beats and even Bigger Basslines- ranging from 70’s Reggae to Dubstep and all points in-between, with our identity firmly rooted within hip-hop culture.
Unity Radio caters for audience accessibility across the network, by seeking to reflect its audiences with high quality original speech content, relevant music, unique outreach initiatives and pioneering station interactivity.

They have continued commitment to producing and delivering outreach work by engaging with young people in their own communities, led by our DJ’s, MC’s and street artists, focussing on participants’ skills, aspiration, building confidence and positive personal development.
Unity Radio will invite, include and inspire its audiences with confident positive content on local, national and international platforms, and use these as a base for continuing and building our progressive creative output.


Why Advertise on Unity Radio

Ever growing Unity Radio 92.8 FM attract between 90,000 – 100,000 listeners per week aged 15 – 25 as our primary audience, 26 – 45 as our secondary audience. We also receive between 30,000 – 36,000 website hits per month and with the new Unity Radio Smart Phone Application our reach globally and our accessibility locally is set to continue on growing.


They are a very youth and family driven organisation and we believe your business can take full advantage from this because of the strength of our FM programming and variation of shows.


For more information regarding advertising on Unity Radio, call us now on; 0208 003 2949