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radio advertising - UTV Radio

UTV Radio is a UK media company, and owner of several radio stations in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Part of the UTV media plc UTV Radio is now the Group’s fastest growing division with 21 radio stations.

UK radio assets include our national radio station talkSPORT, 13 local radio stations as well as interests in eight of the UK’s digital radio multiplexes. UTV is also the largest radio player in Ireland with stations broadcasting from Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Dublin and Drogheda.


Why Advertise with UTV Radio

UTV acquired The Wireless Group (TWG) in June 2005, comprising talkSPORT, the UK’s number one commercial speech radio station, a number of independent radio stations and stakes in eight of the UK’s digital radio multiplexes. UTV has rebranded TWG as UTV Radio which now includes Juice FM in Liverpool which UTV bought outright in September 2005.

UTV is one of the largest radio operators in Ireland with stations in counties Antrim, Cork, Limerick, Dublin, Louth and Meath and a national radio sales house UTV Radio Solutions based in Dublin. The UTV Radio Solutions network of stations in Ireland now represents two thirds of the Irish population providing a very strong alternative to the national broadcasters.


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