Advertising with Viking FM

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Viking FM plays the best variety of music with a mix of entertainment, local news and traffic & travel for East Yorkshire & Northern Lincolnshire. The biggest bands and artists can be found on Viking FM from their biggest hits to exclusive interviews and acoustic tracks performed live on air.

Viking FM is local and reflects and responds to matters that people are passionate about within our area.

  • Local news and information for East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire
  • Winner of many awards including the London International Awards, Vox Awards and a United Nations Award
  • Close links with the local community, demonstrated by the stations involvement with their official charity ‘Cash For Kids’ which raises around £200,000 for local children’s causes every year

Why Advertise on Viking FM

The station focuses on the most important things in the social lives of 15-44 year olds with a focus on 25-44 year old females. It embraces the excitement and dynamism of living in East Yorkshire & Northern Lincolnshire. The Viking FM difference is its entertaining on air presenters who are engaging and fun to listen to, the variety of music, quality of local content, award winning news coverage, information and the region’s most talked about competitions.


For more information regarding advertising on Viking FM call us now on; 0208 003 2949