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Wire FM is a British Independent Local Radio station that serves the Warrington, Widnes and Runcorn areas of Cheshire (the latter two towns belong to the area known as Halton), with strong commitment to local news and information. Its sports coverage is heavily influenced by local rugby league teams Warrington Wolves and Widnes Vikings. The transmitter is at High Warren reservoir, near the A49 and Warrington Golf Club south of Warrington. Although Wire FM was started by the Independent Radio Group, it is currently part of UTV Media after IRG was bought by The Wireless Group in 1999, with TWG then taken over in 2005 by Ulster Television plc


Why Advertise on Wire FM

In early 2007, the station’s owners approached UK media regulator OFCOM to ask permission to move the station’s base from Warrington to the Haydock or Newton Le Willows area of Merseyside as part of a plan to house it in a single building with two other stations from the UTV Radio group: Wish FM (Wigan and St Helens) and Tower FM (Bolton and Bury).

Following review of the coverage pattern predicted for the High Warren Reservoir transmitter site, the strategic decision was made to include the Borough of Halton (Widnes and Runcorn) in the intended coverage area. To strengthen the bid in Halton, John Grindley (known on air as Phil Johnson) was invited to join the bid and bring his experience of the Halton FM RSL’s to the team.


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