Advertising with Wish FM

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Wish FM is a British Independent Local Radio that serves the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan in Greater Manchester and the Metropolitan Borough of St Helens, Merseyside. The station takes its name from the initials WIgan and St Helens.

It broadcasts on 102.4 FM from a transmitter powered by a wind-up generator at Billinge Hill in the Metropolitan Borough of St Helens on air since 1 April 1997.



Why Advertise on Wish FM

Wish Fm broadcsts live commentry of local teams every week, delivering unique local content for our listeners along with the best Mix of Music. With a weekly reach of 82,000 and 88% of these listeners being main shoppers. Wish FM offers Airtime, sponsorship promotions and online advertsing opporunities. With 35,000 listenes being male, 48,000 being women and all ranging from 15 to 55+ Wish FM is a exciting oppportunity to target a large demographic.

For more information regarding advertising on Wish FM, call us now on; 0208 003 2949