Advertising with Wythenshawe FM

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WFM is a community radio station based in the heart of Wythenshawe town centre. It belongs to the community who live and work in the area and acts as a platform for them to have a voice which might otherwise go unheard.

Their mission is to promote local services and community group, raise awareness of issues which affect the community we live in, give people in the area the chance to learn social skills and gain qualifications in radio production leading to higher levels of employability, regardless of experience. and to promote equality and bring people – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs – together.


Why Advertise on Wythenshawe FM

Wythenshawe FM is a not for profit community radio station for South Manchester.

WFM’s reach is Wythenshawe and Northenden. We also have listeners throughout the surrounding areas of Stockport, Cheshire, Trafford and South Manchester. Wythenshawe FM streams online and we have listeners all over the world.

  • WFM is one of the UK’s original and trail blazing community radio stations.
  • People act on what they hear on WFM.
  • WFM offers advertising, sponsorship, themed broadcasts, community consultations and training.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Targeted programming available.
  • 30% talk, 70% music and 100% Wythenshawe!


For more information regarding advertising on Wythenshawe FM, call us now on; 0208 003 2949