Radio Advertising

Radio Airtime Media Advertising Agency specialise in planning and buying targeted airtime to reach your listening audience. Radio advertising can be an effective, low-cost medium through which a business can reach a target consumer. Radio ads create emotional reactions in listeners. In turn, consumers perceive the ads as more relevant to them personally which can lead to increased market awareness and sales for businesses running radio advertising campaigns.

Why Advertise on the Radio..?

  • There are over 300 stations nationally that could hold your advertising on their airwaves, but which one targets your audience demographic?
  • If you advertise on one of ten major channels in one region you could be missing 90% of the market.
  • You can avoid Radio Advertising wastage by contacting Radio Airtime Media who has access to RAJAR data so we can plan your Radio campaign with the knowledge of the most recent Radio data and research
  • RAM have strong connections with the largest Radio groups in the UK and Europe and can plan and buy your campaign utilizing both media owner information and also our own independent data

Why Advertise with us…?

  • Free script writing services to create your perfect advertising message to use in your commercial radio spot
  • Targeted advertising station and programme options for both National and regional radio stations.
  • The opportunity to endorse radio station competitions and events
  • Market place analysis and no obligation campaign recommendations, radio insight and full creative and production facilities
  • Specialist knowledge and expertise – we are on the pulse of industry developments and emerging technologies and opportunities

Dealing with direct clients, advertisers and agencies our team hold a wealth of expertise in Planning and Buying Radio Advertising. With at least 18 years’ experience as in-house planners at Bauer Media and GMG Radio our experienced and dedicated consultants are focused on delivering you campaign results. We take away the stress of planning campaigns by providing advertisers and agencies with all the options on every radio station they need.


RAM promises to work in a new and unique way, independently recommending only the best stations, programmes, sponsorship and advertising opportunities to meet your brief, and offering the best rates by utilising our agency power to achieve discounted rates. Our aim is to offer clients the very best way to use Radio Advertising as a standalone advertising opportunity or multi-format campaigns to effectively target your audience.