RAB launches LoveRadioAds app to hear radio adverts on the go

Source: Radio Today

The Radio Advertising Bureau has just unveiled two new initiatives at its 20th anniversary event, RadioGauge Predict and LoveRadioAds app.

The LoveRadioAds app is a free download for smartphones, which lets users search for and play radio adverts.

Both the app and the RadioGauge Predict website are are aimed at helping advertisers, media agencies and creative agencies get more from radio.

RadioGauge Predict is a planning tool which will aggregate data collected from over 500 campaigns measured in RadioGauge since its launch in 2008. RadioGauge has built up vast data banks of intelligence on adverts’ performance and effectiveness, which will be made publically available for the first time via RadioGauge Predict.

The LoveRadioAds app will curate ads from Adstream and IMD, which account for 90% of all ads that go to air.

It’ll offer a top ten ads, curated and updated weekly by the RAB, and will also allow creatives to browse the ads library when looking for inspiration while working on their own ads and shortlist their own ads or favourite ads to share via social media or play to clients during meetings. The app was created by Propeller Mobile and will be available to download free on Android and iPhones from the App Store and Google Play.

Clare Bowen, Head of Creative Development at the RAB said: “From speaking to agencies, we’ve heard that good radio advertising is notoriously hard to track down. The LoveRadioAds app will put a vast range of radio ads directly into people’s hands. Since you can access it on your Smartphone, we believe it will be a really useful tool for teams working on radio briefs and also for media agencies and clients wanting to showcase their work and hear what other radio advertising is out there.”