Griffins Accountants Become BFFs with Radio Airtime Media

Griffins Accountants have enlisted Radio Airtime Media to promote their business through a series of 30 second radio ads.

The four week campaign will highlight their ‘Business Financial Friend’ service and will play across Newbury, Andover and Southampton’s Breeze radio stations from March 10th.

listen to ‘Griffins Accountants Radio Airtime Advert’ on Audioboo

Playing on the ‘BFF’ phrase, the radio adverts feature two children, with one complaining that he’s becoming ‘swamped in paperwork’ whilst running a lemonade business. His friend suggests enlisting the help of Griffins Accountants to become his ‘Business Financial Friend’ and deal with the paperwork. The fun, engaging yet informative ad ends with website details, as well as information on their upcoming free event on April 3rd.

CEO Lee Dentith, of Radio Airtime Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, said:

“Advertising on localised radio spots will target Griffins Accountants’ key consumers, with each listener hearing the ad approximately three times each week. Being such an engaging advertisement, business owners will undoubtedly be encouraged to find out more about the company becoming their BFF.”