London Sony Centres Promote A Free Smartphone in Ealing, Wimbledon and Kensington

Radio Airtime Media have coordinated a marketing strategy for a promotional deal at three of London’s Sony Centres, with radio spots launching on Absolute Radio from the 27th June. Running for 11 days, the audio commercials will raise awareness for a limited edition offer which allows customers at the Ealing, Wimbledon and Kensington Sony Centres to receive a free Sony Xperia smartphone upon purchase of selected televisions.

Xperia - Absolute Radio Campaign

Centred around a male and female couple, the advert lays out a miniature scene during which the female appears to have been gifted with a new Sony Xperia smartphone by the male. As the narrative unfolds, we learn that the male has in fact also purchased a new television, as he reveals the ‘One-touch’ feature which will allow the female to “mirror what’s on the phone to my brand new Sony TV”. It is thus disclosed that the Xperia phone was in fact a free gift as a result of purchasing a TV, with the voiceover clarifying the deal and encouraging listeners to  maximise on the offer “worth up to £480”.

Dedicated specialists at Radio Airtime Media are able to guide the Sony Centres through their advertising route, with strategic broadcasting timed to effectively access target audiences. Coverage offered by Absolute Radio allows relevant geographical locations to experience the advert, with the station providing exposure across their broad-reaching demographic of urban professionals, thus infiltrating a sector that would realistically be in the position to make a purchase.


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