Radio Airtime Media Gains Momentum For The Diabetes Research Network

Radio Airtime Media are working with the Diabetes Research Network, directing a marketing strategy to raise the profile of an ongoing research initiative entitled ‘Help DiaBEATes’.

Targeting a regional audience, a radio campaign will be active for two weeks from the 10th June, encouraging the public to register their interest in clinical research trials using the North West channels of Real and Smooth Radio, plus the Asian Sound network.

The 30-second advertising spot directly targets people “with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes”, persuading them to “help us improve treatment and care for other diabetic patients”. The narrative explains the Help DiaBEATes objective of discovering “new, better ways of beating diabetes”, providing an SMS contact number of 81400 for willing participants, along with the website.

help diabeaes campaign

Located at the NIHR research facility at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, the Diabetes Research Network are seeking innovative methods of combating the condition, which currently affects 2.8 million in the UK – not including the estimated 800,000 more who are unaware that they have it. Expected to reach 4 million by 2025, diabetes could experience a reduced impact with help from the public.

With a wealth of experience in the radio advertising industry, Radio Airtime Media are fully equipped to guide the Diabetes Research Network through the fulfilment their objectives. In order to access an audience within the regional Greater Manchester area, the campaign was presented across North West branches of national stations Real and Smooth, both of which are targeted at an older demographic and thus one which will have a greater density of those affected by diabetes. Coverage across Asian Sound also provides substantial exposure for the campaign, as those of Asian descent have a higher risk of developing diabetes.



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