Radio Airtime Media Launches New Radio Campaign with Fleetmatics

Radio Airtime Media has launched a new nationwide radio advertising campaign alongside fleet management company Fleetmatics to promote its GPS vehicle tracking system. 30 second radio advertisements are currently on the air, running for three to four weeks on 11 radio stations across the country. The adverts will then be broadcast on nine different local stations for two to four week periods in May.

The humorous and entertaining radio ad, which promotes Fleetmatics’ tracking system by referring it to as the ‘love machine,’ will air on a wide range popular local and national radio stations, including Talksport and Absolute, ensuring that the advert will receive maximum exposure. With a target demographic of business owners, fleet operators and those who spend a lot of their time at work on the road, radio advertising is a great way to make sure the advertisements are heard and absorbed by potential new clients.

Fleetmatics provides software-as-a-service fleet management solutions for small, medium and large enterprises worldwide, with web-based and mobile application solutions improving a number of business aspects for fleet operators. From GPS tracking to wasted fuel consumption calculations, Fleetmatics can transform complex data into the easy-to-understand information businesses need to make the correct decisions with confidence.

CEO of Radio Airtime Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said: “Radio Airtime Media and Media Agency Group are delighted to have coordinated this campaign with Fleetmatics, which sees adverts broadcast on some major radio stations across the country. The work Fleetmatics does is imperative to a number of businesses so we’re very pleased to be able to spread the word about its GPS vehicle tracking system.”