Radio Airtime Media Promote Fleetmatics With Radio Advertising

UK, US and Ireland-based provider of GPS commercial vehicle tracking systems, Fleetmatics, have appointed Radio Airtime Media to plan and manage a heavyweight advertising campaign on the Scottish stations Talksport, Classic FM, Moray Firth, North Sound One, Forth One, Real Radio and Real Radio XS. The globally serving company will be promoting their product for a total of four weeks through March, ensuring a high-frequency public reach.

Fleetmatics App

The 30-second advertising clips provide customer testimonials which highlight the company’s benefits via satisfied users, with statements such as “I was pleasantly surprised, the savings were pretty much instant” and “it was easy, we were able to understand and optimise the movements of our operators”. Statistical information like reduced fuel costs of £8000 per vear are used to entice listeners, supported by a promotional offer that entitles subscribers to free installation worth £100 per vehicle if they order before 1st March. The company website is subsequently presented, allowing the advert to provide a quick method of contact.


With an international customer base of 17,000 and 300,000 vehicles tracked, Fleetmatics deliver real-time fleet management solutions through Software as a Service (Saas) and mobile applications, meaning that clients can engage with the product through any internet enabled computer, tablet or phone. Upon subscribing to Fleetmatics, businesses are granted access to a wealth of information regarding their vehicle fleet, such as fuel usage, driver locations and performance reports. Benefits of connecting to the system are broad-reaching, from significant savings in fuel expenditure to avoiding inconsistencies in working hours claimed by drivers – not to mention a more efficient customer service.


Radio advertising presents a cost-effective method of raising brand awareness, and Radio Airtime Media offer dedicated services which cater for any level of campaign objective. They are able to provide Fleetmatics with the most suitable option for their brief, using extensive industry practise to enable the company to make an informed choice regarding their advertising outcome. With a branch situated in Glasgow, a Scottish campaign is able to further extend Fleetmatics’ existing Scottish clientele. The decision to implement a radio advertising campaign correlates with the target audience profession, as drivers arelikely to listen to the radio over various other marketing platforms.


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